Own a Nutrition Club? 

HBM is the only software customized to help you run it!


Home Business Manager Software
HBM 10.1

The custom home business management software from J&L Systems that dramatically increases the productivity, organization, and efficiency of you, the independent Herbalife distributor, and lets you concentrate on moving products and developing your downline!

For over 20 years this software has been the most effective productivity tool for Herbalife Independent Distributors to come along since the Rolodex!

At a fraction of the cost of the competitors, this Microsoft Windows-friendly Herbalife home-based business system has been custom designed and coded by experienced Herbalife Distributors, not just a programmers who do not know our business!

Home Business Manager is an Herbalife home business software program that is broken down into 5 easy-to-use and integrated areas (modules) that allow you to navigate between the different functions with ease.

 This customized software is perfect for work from home Distributors and Nutrition Club Owners alike and is excellent at  tracking and managing Weight Loss Challenges (WLCs).

Now with enhanced and simplified download and installation!

Note: If you are experiencing any trouble or just have questions please email JLSyst@aol.com  or call us:

           Sales and New licenses: (913) 814-7532

            Technical Support: (575) 69- HBM-12


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